How to create a new account?

Simply create a new user account by navigating to Home -> Register. Fill out the registration form with your information, verify your email, and confirm your identity by completing the KYC verification process (accessible from your dashboard). That's it! You have successfully created your account!

What is the minimum deposit/investment amount?

You can make a deposit for as little as $10 while maximum amount is unlimited. Additionally, the minimum amount for making an investment with HYIP Team is $50. We recommend investing a larger capital to maximize your potential for earning substantial interest and profits on a weekly basis.

How do referral and referral rewards work?

Referral rewards are based on the level of the referral owner and the deposited amount by the referred person. For referrals on level 1, the user will receive a reward of 1% of the deposited amount by the referred person. For referrals on level 2, the reward is 0.8%. Finally, for referrals on level 3, the reward is 0.5% of the deposited amount.

When will I receive my profits from staking?

Profits from staking are not provided on a weekly basis. Users must wait for the investment period in the staking option to end before they can receive their profits and capital.

How does the Pool Investment work?

Users can invest in the same shared plan until it reaches its investment limit. Once the limit is reached, the plan closes to new investments. The invested capital is then used collectively to generate returns based on the plan's specified interest rates.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount, and when can I withdraw funds?

The minimum withdrawal amount is $10, and withdrawals are available all weekdays except Saturday and Sunday.

Can another person's wallet address be used to withdraw funds?

Yes, it's possible.

Is there an ability to delete/cancel the user's account?

Yes, users can request to delete/cancel their account by submitting a ticket from their dashboard. Upon confirmation, their account will be terminated. If they wish to access it again, they must confirm their email address.

Why can't I click/access withdraw?

You cannot access the withdraw feature until you have made a deposit or submitted a ticket from your dashboard, following specific rules to activate it.

How can I get a fix/answer to my requests/issues?

You can get assistance by submitting a ticket from your dashboard to the support team or by contacting the support email: [email protected].

Does your platform (HYIP Team) use artificial intelligence to work, invest, trade, and secure things?

Yes, we leverage high technologies in artificial intelligence across various aspects of our operations, including trading, investing, securing the platform, and user interactions.

Can a user use another person's identity card to activate their account?

No, this would be considered a violation, and the user's account will be terminated.

Can a user withdraw the affiliation deposit/rewards?

No, users cannot withdraw the affiliation deposit/rewards directly. However, they can invest it and withdraw only the profits generated from the investment.

Can I withdraw profits directly after receiving them, or must I wait until the end of the investment period?

You can withdraw profits directly as long as you have a balance in your account. Additionally, profits are typically added to users' accounts on a weekly basis in most plans.

I made a deposit (withdrew funds from my wallet to HYIP Team), but I didn't receive the money in my account. What should I do?

This is a common issue that often occurs when the amount you've sent is less than the amount shown on the deposit page. Note that platforms like Binance and some wallets deduct a fee of $1 from the amount you send. To avoid issues with your deposit, make sure to add $1 to the final amount when sending funds.

Where can I access support tickets?

Support tickets can be easily accessed from your user dashboard. Simply navigate to the sidebar list and click on the "Tickets" section.

Does HYIP Team engage in trading or investing using futures contracts or leverage?

No, HYIP Team does not engage in trading or investing using futures contracts or leverage.

Does HYIP Team have a specific closure time or plan to close?

No, the platform does not have a specific time to close nor does it plan to close. It is committed to keeping its operations running without any closure plans.

How can I activate the withdraw button or access the withdraw feature in my account?

To activate the withdraw button and access the withdraw feature in your account, you need to deposit funds and invest in the platform. Please note that the minimum amount required for activation is not less than $50.

What are the fees charged by HYIP Team?

The fees are as follows: 10% for money withdrawal, 0% for deposit, 1% for balance transfer (between accounts), and 0.5% for wallet exchange within the same account, specifically between the deposit and interest wallets.

Can I invest in multiple plans at the same time?

Yes, you can invest in more than one plan simultaneously.

Is it possible to add more funds to my active investment plan?

No, you cannot add funds and increase your capital in an active investment plan.

My investment plan has completed but I did not receive my profits/capital

If you're experiencing this issue on Saturday or Sunday, please note that these days are considered holidays. Kindly wait until Monday for processing or reach out to our support team for assistance.

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